SOLD!!! 1979 Yamaha XS650 Custom Tracker Nice sounding and good riding XS650. Carbs cleaned, Custom Seat, Renthal Bars, Custom speedo bracket, Supertrap mufflers, Small headlight, New Avon TrailRider tires,  Tires are dual sport so you could take it on some gravel roads as well…. Lots of little things to make this into a sweet little street bike. Pretty sure you will like the sound this bike makes.Read More →


1978 Yamaha GT80 Perfect little bike for a project. Spend quality time this winter teaching your kids about motorcycles. In the spring, teach them how to ride. We had this bike running but it will need some love. Small enough to be rebuilt in your kitchen and it would fit under the Xmas tree.Read More →


1979 Honda CBX1000 Super Sport aka CB1 Beautiful condition CBX for sale. This European Model came to us from a private collection. It’s in amazing condition and is ready to go. These bikes were only made from 1978-1982 and are getting hard to find. Especially in this condition. 6 Cyl motor is so smooth you will wonder if it’s on. Bike makes just over 100 hp and it will keep you entertained in town and out on the highway. Really comfortable bike to ride and the sound from the 6 cylinders is wonderful.            Read More →


1976 Honda GoldWing GL1000 Custom Beach Cruiser Here is a sweet Custom GL to remind you of the warm weather we will have this upcoming ride season. Very comfortable to ride and a lot of fun. Bike is in really good condition. These GL’s last a really long time if taken care of properly. Custom built as a beach cruiser with a nice flame paint job and it looks amazing.  Read More →


1975 Triumph Trident T150V The sound of the triple… Symphony. What a fun bike to ride. 3 into 1 exhaust. You just end up playing with the note of the exhaust all day long. This is a numbers matching bike that only has 22K miles. Trident is in very good condition and is good to go. Lots of power for in the city and out on the highway.           Read More →


1972 Suzuki T250 This Hustler is in pristine condition. 250cc two stroke that should do close to 100mph. Bike runs and sounds good. Very well maintained over the years with low mileage. Bike handles great and is a lot of fun to ride. Would make a really cool cafe racer or be kept in the original condition.Read More →


1972 BSA B50MX Hailed as one of the rarest and most successful BSA MX designs of the period. This 500cc Vintage MX racer is a beautiful bike. Made from 1971 -1973 it is getting really hard to find. Especially in the condition this one is in. Come by our shop to see a piece of history. Looks great just sitting but it would be even better to ride in one of the Vintage MX races.      Read More →

    The new CCM Adventure GP450 will be showing THIS evening between 6 and 9pm We will have food and drinks ready and the import/distributors will be on hand to answer all your questions So come on down to our shop and be the first to see this amazing machine!! Because…”Every ADVENTURE begins with a single step!”Read More →

Random selections of pictures from our shop. Little window into the daily workings of the Old Motorcycle Shop. We love bikes. We ride them, work on them, build them, restore them, ride them some more and so on. We feel very fortunate to be able to do what we love on daily basis. Heck, we come in on our days off just so we can play, I mean work, on these beautiful, rolling, works of art. rRead More →